My name is Joan Gabriel, I’m 53 years young. I’ve spent the last 3 years dedicating my little free time to mountain biking, 2 of which have been under the guidance of C2C Cycling Coach.

My goal was and is not to compete, nor have an FTP of 400W (6w/kg)

My goal was to feel great in my riding for myself!; to climb my favourite climb with a great feeling, powerful and not dreading it, to go on a long ride knowing I’m strong enough to get home before dark, be able to enjoy a full morning mountain biking and come back home with enough remaining energy to cook a paella for the family.
Me, I have already achieved those goals with C2 Cycling Coach and agreed on a new set with my coach.
Cheer up! I always say that Oriol is my personal “excuses” killer!