Bec Henderson

Cudi and I started our coach/athlete relationship without having met before, living on opposite sides of the world and without sharing a native language. As a rider who was already achieving podium results in the World Cup I took a risk to entrust my future in his hands. Cudi has taken on this challenge with determination and motivation. From our fist communications Cudi trusted and respected me as an athlete, and as a person. His communication and willingness to compromise has been invaluable in unlocking the best in me. These attributes are of course nothing without his knowledge, experience and passion for his work. Cudi is a true professional. We are only in the start of our journey together and with this mutual trust and belief I am excited for what the future holds.

Athlete discipline

Leader UCI ranking XCO Women Elite – Leader overall world Cup XCO Women elite – World cup winner of XCO / XCC Women elite – National and Oceania Champion XCO

David Campos

The most important thing in my preparation is the day-to-day routine, trying not to disconnect and trust that the work you do today will be reflected in the results, This is one thing I’m achieving with C2 Cycling Coach. Thank you!

Athlete discipline

U-23 Racer – XCO Junior Spanish Champion –2n position European Championship XCE – 3rd position overall of Wcup U23

Jofre Cullell

Jofre is not a run-of-the-mill coach, he’s more like my right-hand man. We plan the season together and between us we carry out the goals that we set ourselves, always seeking to deliver my best in the key moments of the season.

Basically, over the years that we have been working together, I’ve learned that the two minds are better than one, and that all the goals we have set can be achieved. Above all, having confidence in oneself and the people around me who I completely rely on, like my coach, is essential.

Athlete discipline

2020 Tokyo Olympics participant in the XCO modality – Podium position in the World Cup U-23 – European Junior Champion XCO – U-23 CX Junior and Cadet Spanish Champion

Raúl Rota

I am very happy with these two years that I have been working with C2 Cycling Coach, both the monitoring of my performance and the specific training is very often and helps me to be in top condition for the objectives of the season.

Athlete discipline

Profesional road cyclist.

Núria Bosch

Josep Codinach demonstrates his professionalism and conscientiousness in each and every training session. He also finds the balance to foster the motivation to continue training as structured, well-executed work which is reflected in the good results in the competitions.

Moreover, as a person he is more than just a coach, he’s always attentive and willing to be flexible with the training if you need it.

Athlete discipline

IGA podium position XCO and road cycling modality, U-23 Champion of Spain.

Sergi Darder

Since I started training with C2 Cycling Coach I have noticed a huge improvement in my performance, they are able to put together the most precise and personalised methods together with a personal and familiar way of dealing with you that makes you connect with them very easily and gain confidence. Working with them gives me the peace of mind that I am in the best hands to achieve my goals.

Athlete discipline

Junior cyclist – winner of regional competitions.

Hugo Franco

I have been with him for a short time, but the truth is that I feel very comfortable and well with his work and how he works, he is always very attentive to you, he asks you almost daily how you are and how you feel and that is a luxury. He is very professional in all aspects and the truth is that if you listen to him and do what he says you will see the results. Thank you very much, you are a 10 both as a person and as a professional.

Athlete discipline

Junior cyclist – XCE youth cadeth european champion

Magda Durán

We’ve been working together for many years, preparing all my goals and always getting to the best condition I could at that time. We have achieved good results from a schedule that adapts to my study or work timetable.

With him it is not only a professional relationship, but also that over the years he is always willing to help me and listen to my problems.

Athlete discipline

Overall Podium position in the European Championship XCE Elite –XCE Overall, Cadet and Junior Spanish Champion. 6th place in the Women’s Junior World Championship.

Francesc Barber

For me he’s much more than a coach.
I completely trust him and in his precise and fine-tuned planning to be able to give the best possible performance in the goals that we set together.
He has a really familiar yet very professional way of dealing with you, creating a very important bond of trust for progress and improvement in all aspects.

Athlete discipline

XCO Junior and Cadet Spanish Champion– Winner of Coupe France VTT and UCI Junior Series competitions.

Jaume Bosch Picó

After years of training with Josep Codinach (C2 Cycling Coach), I have come to appreciate the importance of being supported by a coach like him, he is always ready to help you in your training or in any physical-related matter.

Together we plan the goals that we try to fulfil and achieve them in the best way possible.
I’m really grateful for his responsibility as a coach and the great person he is.

Athlete discipline

Podium position in the UCI Junior Series – XCO Junior Spanish Sub-champion .

Marc Rubirola

Each day you notice how the work from specific training sessions and Cudi’s work is paying off; he is a professional coach who knows how to motivate you throughout the competition year. I can only thank him for all the work he does for me.

Athlete discipline

U23 cyclist

Jaume Berge

Excellent professionals and the best people. After the first 6 months of training with C2 Cycling Coach I have clearly progressed well beyond my expectations, allowing me to plan more ambitious challenges for the future. They seek to find a balance between training, professional and family life.

Despite being an amateur cyclist, they treat you like a professional. The most important thing is that they make you enjoy each training session and they become your teammates and friends.

Athlete discipline

Cycle tourist.

Guillem Sánchez

Just over two months of training with Josep and the C2 family has been enough to see the great work they do. They are exemplary professionals who have all the tools to bring out the best in you. In addition, I really appreciate having daily feedback and such close contact with your coach. I know I’m in the best hands to obtain great results.

Athlete discipline

U-23 racer – Top positions in regional competitions.

Adrià Bartrina

He’s the PERFECT coach. Both as a coach and as a person, in complex times and more relaxed ones, he knows how to manage your training perfectly thanks to his extraordinary knowledge. He is someone who always likes learning and studying new things so his athletes can make the most of them. I’d also like to say that he is always watching me closely to be able to correct the mistakes made in the daily training sessions… to know how I’m feeling about things and how I am generally.

In conclusion he’s the best.

Athlete discipline

U-23 cyclist who has gained several outstanding positions in national competitions.

Alex Alaman

You don’t need a long time to realise that C2 Cycling Coach changes your training sessions and the way they are done from day one. Being able to share goals with your coach and focus your training on these goals is critical to ensuring continuous improvement. In addition, their quick and close contact, as well as good daily feedback from your training sessions, helps a lot when it comes to making progress.

Thanks to them, I have been able to fulfil my goals in this last season and I’m sure that it will allow me to continue to grow in the coming seasons too.

Athlete discipline

U-23 XCO Racer – Top 10 in the Spanish Championship in the Junior category.

Pol Hervás

From the very first moment, he was able to help me gain the self-confidence I needed and the peace of mind that if we are methodical, good results will come. Today he is a fundamental pillar for me, helping me give 100% in every competition.

Athlete discipline

Elite cyclist – winner of regional and national competitions.

Aniol Morell

C2 Cycling Coach is a fundamental part of my passion for cycling. Professional and precise, C2 is able to get the best out of you for the most important goals of the year and, the good vibes between the coach and racer is what sets it apart from others.

Athlete discipline

Champion of Spain Junior XCO with several podium positions in the Spain Open XCO Cadet – Junior categories.

Jorge Sanchez

Since I started with them I have climbed two steps in my performance level. I have tried out updated training techniques.

They’re great professionals who are always keeping an eye on you and concerning themselves with any performance issues you might have during the sports season.

Athlete discipline

Elite XCO Racer 

Martí Cateura

Precise, effective and adapted training to each type of rider to be able to combine their training with their work life / studies. His working team motivates you and helps you progress each season, and I have already had quite a few seasons with them!

Athlete discipline

XCO Racer, U-23 category. Podium position in the regional championship.

Stefan Ancion

Since Josep Codinach and his entire team have been training me, I have noticed a big change in my physical performance. His way of coaching gets me more motivated and helps me achieve new goals. I don’t see Josep just as a coach, he is also part of my family as we have got to know each other personally and he is present in my daily life.

Athlete discipline

XCO Racer – Andorran Champion in the Junior category.

Xavi Carnicer

The training, knowledge and experience are aspects I would highlight.
Their communication skills, the serenity, respectful language, empathy as well as being demanding, as well as showing commitment and being involved.
That’s my coach!

Athlete discipline

Overall Winner of the Catalan Cup and various circuit competitions, Sub-champion of the World XCO veteran 40 category.

Alexandre Lladó

I’ve been with “Cudi” and his team for almost two years now, it is the best that could have happened to me, I have had other coaches but no one like him, he takes care of every detail, every training session, every strategy, everything to the finest detail, the technical staff are sublime, it’s not just about spending hours pedalling, it’s a big puzzle and you have to fit all the pieces together, Cudi and his team manage to do this. Since I’ve been with C2 I’ve gone from strength to strength; without a doubt it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Athlete discipline

Podium position in the regional XCO/XCM competitions – Master 30 Racer.

Joan Gabriel

My name is Joan Gabriel, I’m 53 years young. I’ve spent the last 3 years dedicating my little free time to mountain biking, 2 of which have been under the guidance of C2C Cycling Coach.

My goal was and is not to compete, nor have an FTP of 400W (6w/kg)

My goal was to feel great in my riding for myself!; to climb my favourite climb with a great feeling, powerful and not dreading it, to go on a long ride knowing I’m strong enough to get home before dark, be able to enjoy a full morning mountain biking and come back home with enough remaining energy to cook a paella for the family.
Me, I have already achieved those goals with C2 Cycling Coach and agreed on a new set with my coach.
Cheer up! I always say that Oriol is my personal “excuses” killer!

Athlete discipline

Josep Mª Gomez

Your coach should inspire trust and confidence. The work team at C2 does this, ensuring that you are under the team’s control at all times. I have been progressing over the months and years and thanks to their coaching, strengths and their desire to progress professionally. We have considerably surpassed my prior goals throughout this time.

Athlete discipline

Amateur cyclist.

Albert Carrón

A great team of professionals who have a perfect understanding of both their professional as well as their amateur clients, the latter being my case.
I still remember when I met him; I was a smoker, carrying a few kilos too many and with little motivation. In a short time, I gave up the tobacco, lost weight and I was able to put myself forward for races such as the Titan Desert, among others. I can only give him a big thank-you.

Athlete discipline

Amateur cyclist.

Orlando Jimenez

In short, I can say that with Carles at C2 Cycling Coach I was able to overcome what another coach once told me would be impossible… I did a 300W FTP test and I achieved an average of 310W and I know I can do more and now better than ever. I was really mentally prepared in the Pan American Championship!

Athlete discipline

Master 50 cyclist
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