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C2 – Cycling Coach is made up of a group of coaches who are totally focused on cycling in all its modalities, regardless of the athletic level of each cyclist.


We welcome any athlete on two-wheels to prepare them for their challenge, sports competition or race, aiming to achieve the best performance and personal treatment on the route to reach their goal.


Always with the same premise: excellence in monitoring and planning, adapting to the schedules, resources and particularities of each athlete who has placed their trust in our trainers, with a broad range of experience and academic and federation training in sports coaching.


In order to complete this route towards the proposed goal we use the latest technological tools in the control and monitoring of sports training together with different field tests and assessments.


Running parallel to the group of trainers who make up C2, we rely on a set of external services in which we entrust the athletes in order to guarantee the entire training process.

Josep Codinach Terradas

Experienced coach in the world of cycling training in which his training has been constant over the years working with various types of cyclists. He is a coach always eager to learn, listening to the athletes who place their trust in him, with the ability to bring out the best in each one of them, always looking for a high degree of communication to be able to give and receive better feedback between the athlete and the coach.

At a professional level, some of the highlights of his projects and results are as follows: Coach responsible for the Elite UCI MTB teams and the UCI Continental Circuits teams. Planning and training of several road and MTB cyclists, with the following noteworthy results: Continental Junior XCO Championships in Europe and Women Elite in Oceania, overall victories in the Women’s Elite classification and podium positions in the World Cup U-23 XCO; several Spanish championships in the Cadet, Junior and U-23 categories with various athletes; the preparation of cyclists for the Olympic Games and World Tour for road races, with victories also in the U-23 category and junior national and international competitions.

He currently combines the preparation of several cyclists as well as being the coach responsible for the Andorran Cycling Federation of the Andorran High-Performance Cycling (ARCA in its Catalan acronym) which includes the young cycling talent of this country since 2017. He has also been the technician in charge of the Elite Specialisation Training Centre of the Catalan Cycling Federation in Banyoles since 2018.


“Measure what can be measured; and make measurable what cannot be measured.”


This Galileo quote would define the way he works, always looking for data that can quantify the cyclist’s performance.

Constantly helping athletes who rely on C2 – Cycling Coach, looking for maximum performance and best results, regardless of the type of athlete they may be and their level.

Academic training:

Federation training:

Oriol Frigola

Coach with several years of experience in the world of cycling training. His passion for cycling has shaped his lifestyle and this makes him live cycling 24 hours a day. In constant training both on a scientific level and in the field, a perfect combination to prepare his athletes.


He has a close relationship with each athlete, with a high degree of adaptability depending on each cyclist, with the main objective of providing and helping each one. The path to continue in the athlete-coach binomial has to be the same, achieving a fluid relationship and thus achieving the goals set in the calendar.


On a professional level with plenty of experience guiding cyclists of all kinds of levels. Currently within the UCI MTB Team technical team: Irontech Tecnic Mendiz Ambisist as well as leading the BTT Fornells elite specialisation training programme.


He started competition cycling 10 years ago, mainly in the mountain bike category but also practising other modalities such as road racing.


He knows the company well, where he worked a few years ago and where he also trained as a coach.

Academic training:

Carles Pons Perez

Coach trained in the modern paradigm of training. Straddling between science and field work, he seeks the best path to performance, working hand in hand with the cyclist.


“There are many ways to improve, but the challenge is to find the one that best suits your cyclist.”


He listens closely to the athletes and takes on their challenges as if they were their own. As a coach, he expects his students to be communicative, having a constant interchange of information with the aim of moving forward in each training session.


“When a cyclist fulfils their training schedule, it shows the greatest sign of respect and confidence in their coach.”


In constant training, each athlete represents a new challenge, which you can learn from and continue growing in a science, that of sport, which is evolving in leaps and bounds.


He worked as a sports director and coach for the Elite/U-23 Antiga Casa Bellsolà Girona Cycling Team, he then came to C2 – Cycling Coach to take on your challenges.

Academic training:

Federation training:



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